Spartan Service Van
Spartan Service Van

What to consider when buying a Spartan Service Body

Q: What type of business are you in?

With a choice of compartments and a number of pre-engineered options, Spartan may be configured for a wide variety of vocations including plumbers, mechanical contractors, flooring contractors, utilities, carpenters and electricians.

Q: What kind of truck are you using now … and what changes would you like to see in your next truck?

Spartan has some distinct advantages over cargo vans, tapered bodies, pickup trucks and service bodies, including the ability to stand up and work inside the truck, greater payload capacity to haul more tools and materials, and more cubic feet of storage space in the body and compartments.

Q: What types of cargo do you carry?

Spartan may be designed around your job. With a choice of three lengths, three heights, and two widths, plus 49 inches of floor space between the compartments, a selection of shelving options, and up to 10 compartments, Spartan can handle and help organize the cargo you need to carry.

Q: How do you load and unload your truck right now?

Spartan makes loading and unloading easier than a cargo van, tapered body, or steel service body. Spartan’s low-profile body, standard 48.5 inch rear door opening, choice of bumpers, and variety of rear door options allow us to configure the Spartan to your company’s loading requirements.

Q: Do you ever need to work inside your truck?

Spartan’s 72-inch height lets you stand upright and work comfortably inside the truck. Cargo vans and tapered steel service bodies don’t have enough space for that. Plus, Spartan keeps you fully protected from the elements, unlike a typical steel service body.

Q: Will you need additional security to protect your truck’s contents?

Remember that unlike an open service body or pickup truck, the Spartan offers a load space area inside the body that is totally enclosed, safe and secure for your equipment and supplies. For Spartan exterior compartments, you might consider adding our Master Lock® option to help keep the cargo you store on the outside of your new Spartan safe and secure.

Q: Are you looking for more payload capacity without upgrading to a bigger truck?

The Spartan body is constructed from FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood) which is lighter than steel, which means you can carry more payload capacity to the job site than with steel or tapered bodies. Plus, Spartan is built on a cutaway chassis, which means that you still get the feel and driving comfort of a cargo van.

Q: What kind of cubic-feet capacity are you looking for?

Spartan gives you increased cubic feet of cargo capacity and smooth walls for stacking items versus a traditional cargo van or tapered body, plus you have the ability to stand up straight and work in the truck.

Q: Do you tow a trailer?

Add an optional trailer hitch tube & plug.

Q: Is it important for you to stand upright and walk into the body from the cab?

Spartan’s Top Hat option, with a full-height cab-access door, lets you stand upright and move easily and comfortably between the cab and cargo area.

Q: Are you carrying long pipe or PVC?

Add our optional pipe door for easy loading and unloading of long pipe and PVC.

Q: Do you transport ladders?

Spartan’s aluminum ladder rack and rear access ladder keep ladders safe, secure and easy to reach.

Q: If you’re working inside the truck, do you need to see and reach into the
horizontal compartment?

Spartan’s Plexiglas® reach-through door makes it easy to see and access tools from the inside.

Q: Do you like it to be brighter inside as you work?

The optional translucent roof lets in natural light to make a brighter and lighter work interior.

Q: What type of shelving would you need?

Various shelving options are available: above-compartment; full-body, fixed or adjustable.

Q: Do you carry anything that might leak water?

Aluminum treadplate overlay flooring is a good option.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is FRP?

A: Fiberglass reinforced plywood gives you a bright, white, smooth wall inside and outside the truck. As a matter of fact, Supreme Corporation owns its own FRP plant in Indiana. Plus FRP is lighter than steel, which means you can have a greater payload capacity than with steel or tapered bodies so you can carry more tools and materials to the job site.

Q: What is the benefit of an FRP body over a steel body?

A: FRP is durable, noncorrosive, and scratch-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about rust. FRP also gives your truck smooth, white walls which are ideal for company graphics on the outside and create a brighter work environment inside your Spartan.

Q: How much payload can a Spartan carry?

A: Payload capacity is determined by which size chassis and the additional options you choose. In the best case a 10 foot body can carry up to 2,175 pounds, a 12 foot body up to 2,575 pounds, and a 14 foot body up to 2,949 pounds of payload.

Q: How many cubic feet of storage does the Spartan have?

A: Compartments storage (unit with maximum number of compartments per model) — a 10 foot body has up to 85 cubic feet, a 12 foot body up to 110 cubic feet, and a 14 foot body up to 135 cubic feet of storage.
Body interior storage (body interior only) — a 10 foot body has up to 431 cubic feet, a 12 foot body up to 514 cubic feet, and a 14 foot body up to 597 cubic feet of storage space.
Total body storage
(compartments plus interior) — a 10 foot body has up to 516 cubic feet, a 12 foot body up to 624 cubic feet, and a 14 foot body up to 732 cubic feet of storage space.

Q: What sizes can I get?

A: The Spartan comes in three lengths: 10, 12, and 14 feet, three heights: 56 (on SRW, 79" width only), 72, and 78 inches, and two widths: 79 inches for SRW and 96 inches for DRW.

Q: How long are the bodies inside?

A: Spartan has true interior lengths – actually a bit more. A 10 foot body is 122 inches long inside (10 feet 2 inches), a 12 foot body is 146 inches (12 feet 2 inches) and a 14 foot body is 170 inches (14 feet 2 inches). Please keep in mind that adding an optional overhead door will decrease interior length by 4 inches.

Q: How many compartments do I get?

A: You may get up to three compartments per side on the 10 foot model, four compartments per side on the 12 foot model, and five compartments per side on the 14 foot model. You may also choose to add compartments to only one side of your Spartan.

Q: What are the compartment sizes?

A: Compartments on DRW are 22.5 inches deep and on SRW are 14 inches deep. Please look at pages five and six of this guide for detailed drawings and specifications of the compartments.

Q: Will Spartan fit inside a standard 8-foot garage?

A: Yes. Spartan is available in a 10- and 12-foot single rear wheel “Low Height” model that is designed for garages. However, it is always a good practice to confirm the actual height of your garage. Plus remember, adding the ladder rack option on the Spartan’s roof will add to the overall vehicle height.

Q: Do you have a Spartan we can see today?

A: Yes, we have both a 12-foot dual and a 10-foot single rear wheel in stock. (Note to dealers: having Spartan in stock will greatly enhance your ability to sell even more of them!)

Q: If I want to do something special to my Spartan, can I order it from you?

A: Yes. We can call Supreme Corporation and have them design a body that fits your specific needs. Keep in mind, though, that special orders tend to take a little bit longer and, depending on your request, may cost more than a body that uses standard options.

Q: What kind of warranty does Spartan have?

A: Supreme stands behind Spartan’s quality, with a five-year structural warranty on each and every body.

Our sales staff will assist you in configuring the best body for you application.

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