Spartan Service Van Bodies:

Chevy/GMC Spartan Service Van

Optional Features Gallery

Rear Door Options

  • Roll-up rear door
  • Full-opening swing rear doors
  • 60 inch double rear doors
  • Swing up rear door

Roof Options

  • Translucent roof
  • FRP roof
  • 11/4\" insulated roof
  • Lumidome roof vent
  • 12” round skylight

Floor Options

  • Aluminum or steel treadplate overlay
  • Varnish available for wood floor

Shelving Options

  • Full, body-length fixed or adjustable shelving
  • Adjustable or fixed interior shelving above the compartments
  • Additional compartment shelves
  • Rubber overlay for interior shelving

Convenience Options

  • Sliding, reach-through, Plexiglas® door into horizontal compartments
  • Receiver hitch tube
  • Aluminum ladder rack
  • Rear-access ladder
  • Full-width Grip Strut bumper
  • Master Lock® security system
  • Rear pipe door
  • Roll-out horizontal compartment shelf
Due to Supreme Corporation's commitment to product quality, specifications and options are subject to change in the interest of product improvement.