Cargo Delivery Van Bodies:

Chevy/GMC Iner-City Cutaway Van

Featuring the Supreme SIGNATURE Body

Standard Features

Premium Roll-up Door

We all know the greatest threat to door longevity and appearance: water penetration. That's why the Signature Body door is equipped to combat the brutal effects of time, weather, and moisture.

LED Exterior Lights

Now standard on the Signature Body, LEDs draw less energy from the chassis and last for years, so you can save on maintenance and reduce downtime while working in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Sealed Wire Harness

Used by national leasing fleets for years, sealed wire harnesses are now standard and are designed to integrate with the LED lighting system. The result: a reduction in electrical repairs and maintenance.

The Supreme Iner-City® Cutaway Van - Featuring the SIGNATURE Body

Meet the most convenient, most resilient cutaway van on the road today: the Supreme Signature Body.

With Supreme's Signature Body, we've taken some bold steps to surpass your expectations. We've turned "options" into standard features. Added strength to combat potential damage. Increased cubic payload so you can carry more and get your job done more efficiently.

When it comes to a cutaway van, Supreme sets the benchmark.

Supreme brings together the best of the best with our SIGNATURE Body. And we set a new standard by backing it all with our comprehensive 3-year/36,000-mile limited bulkhead to bumper warranty to cover repairs and replacement in the event a part is found to be defective. Our standard 5-year limited warranty covering the roof, wall and floor structures let you rest assured that your SIGNATURE Body is built to last, from top to bottom. For details, please review our warranty policy.