What is a cutaway van?

A cutaway van is a Supreme van body mounted to a cutaway chassis built by Ford or General Motors. With a cutaway van, the back wall of the chassis cab is "cut away", allowing the front wall of the van body to become the back wall of the cab. If you are sitting in the driverís seat of a cutaway van you can literally touch the front wall of the van body behind you. This allows the user of a cutaway van to have access to the rear cargo area from the cab. Cutaway vans are smaller than the larger van bodies, coming in lengths of 10 to 17 feet and interior heights up to 97 inches. Cutaway vans are commonly used by expanding businesses moving up from a traditional cargo van. Supremeís Iner-City and Spartan product lines are all examples of cutaway vans.

Supremeís Spartan Cargo Van is an example of a cutaway van.

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