What is a commercial truck?

Commercial truck is a broad term that covers all types of work trucks. Supreme builds a variety of truck body upfits that turn a bare commercial chassis into a functional commercial truck. A commercial truck falls under one of three categories: Light Duty, Medium Duty, or Heavy Duty. The category a commercial truck falls under is based on the trucks GVWR - Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.

The weight class for a commercial truck is set by the US government, and is based on the GVWR. Here are commercial truck weight classes, GVWR ranges, and common categories:

Supreme's Signature Van Body is an example of a common commercial truck.

Commercial Truck Weight Class Minimum GVWR (lbs) Maximum GVWR (lbs) Common Category
Class 1 6,000 Light Duty
Class 2 6,0001 10,000 Light Duty
Class 3 10,001 14,000 Light Duty
Class 4 14,001 16,000 Medium Duty
Class 5 16,001 19,500 Medium Duty
Class 6 19,501 26,000 Medium Duty
Class 7 26,001 33,000 Heavy Duty
Class 8 33,001 Heavy Duty

A Supreme upfited commercial truck runs from a Class 1 vehicle up to a Class 8 vehicle such as a 28 foot long Signature Van Body with a tandem rear axle. A Supreme upfited commercial truck can be customized to meet the job requirements of a wide variety of industries.

How To Select The Right Truck Body